What is Branding?

October 17, 2023
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Branding is a process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding is about using every opportunity to express why people choose one brand over another.

There are there are various types of branding, including Co-branding: partnering with another brand to achieve customer reach, Digital branding: web, social media, search engine optimisation, driving commerce on the web, Personal branding: the way an individual builds their reputation, Cause branding: aligning your brand with a charitable cause or corporate social responsibility and lastly Location branding: activities to attract tourists and businesses.

The process of branding takes on a five step approach, first is conducting research, second clarifying strategy, third designing identity, fourth creating touch points and finally, five managing assets.

There are various starting points to the branding process. This could be a new company or a new product launching to market, it could also be a company name change or even a need to revitalise a brand.

At Studio Friday we have worked across the board with these typical stages of the branding process, those that are starting a new business that might need a business stationery and a website, or another that has developed a new product needs a name and a logo. For those that want to reposition and renew their existing brand, this could be for various reasons - a company may have cutting-edge products but they look behind the times, others worry if their identity will work on the web,  for some their identity doesn't position them along with their competitors, some feel embarrassed when they give out their business card, and another good reason to refresh a brand identity is, well yes the logo looks cool, the problem is you can’t read the logotype.

Our aim at Studio Friday is to ensure that we communicate and appeal to each of our clients target market in the intended way each wants to position their brand identity. 

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