Compelling branding presents any company, any size, anywhere with an immediately recognisable, distinctive professional image that positions it for success. Studio Friday can help you manage the perception of your company and differentiate it from your competitors.We can advise you on all aspects of branding: logo usage, colour palette, typefaces, social media, promotional materials, signage, clothing, videography, photography, templates, stationery, web, tone of voice, brand values and more.

02 / LOGO.

A logo is often the most prominent identity item for many companies, products, brands or individuals. Represented through a word or symbol, logos need to be not only distinctive, but also timeless.Great logo design is at the heart of Studio Friday, we appreciate how important a logo is to the success of a brand.


The quality of communication makes a big difference to how a client may feel about a business. Using a professional copywriter to write website copy and other business communications will certainly send the right message to the right people. Our copywriter has local and international experience, and has written for many different businesses across a range of industry sectors – including global brands to start-ups. Whether it’s written content for your website or brochure, a headline or strapline,voice over script or brand story – we can help.

04 / NAMING.

The right name for a company, product or service is timeless, easy to say and recall. It is an essential brand asset and can facilitate brand extensions. An effective name communicates something about the essence of the brand. Applying using our creative design skills and industry experience, we can help you create a name that fulfils both your emotional and practical needs. From name generation to legal searches, name registration and trade marking, we can help you find a name that suits.


A website brings the brand personality to life. A great website understands its customers and respects their needs and preferences. Website design and functionality are of equal importance for optimisation on any device.Whether you need a website to answer enquiries, generate sales or promote a product or service, Studio Friday has the creative skills and technological expertise to help you succeed online.


Marketing is about identifying and understanding your customer and giving them what they want. Advertising, or social mediums such as Facebook or Instagram, are just some of the tools in the toolkit of marketing communications. Combining our marketing, branding and design expertise we ensure that your brand story is told just the way it should be, bringing your message and values to life in a way the customer can believe in.


Social media networks present resources for individuals and businesses to promote their brand online. Social media is opening up more opportunities for those looking to better engage and communicate with their customers.Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to name a few, are now becoming essential marketing elements. The skill is to find out which ones work best for your brand. We advise on the best channel(s) to use to achieve your aims and design material that is optimised for social media platforms to help engage audiences and build awareness of products or promotions.

08 / PRINT.

Tangible, engaging and easily shared, print materials have survived the digital revolution, proving their ability to create connections that can be very powerful and meaningful. Print covers the design of an array of materials, including brochures, flyers, posters, annual reports, business cards, letterheads, packaging, advertising and more. Using emotive imagery, words that captivate, and design that fits the subject matter, we create printed material that works as hard as it can to instantly entertain and excite the audience. Studio Friday are passionate about print materials, finishes and techniques because we know it is a reflection of the quality of a brand identity. We have an eye for detail and offer an excellent proofing service. We check every piece of print work we complete, ensuring that it meets our high standards.


Attention to detail is extremely important to us. We treat every aspect of the process with equal care and consideration. Every element counts.


Meeting the client and studio presentation. Understanding the brand, the general needs, our role as designers and possible solutions we can offer as a proactive team.


Listing the specific needs of the project. Studio Friday offers a full list of services to choose from, and also the possibility to create a custom-made list of solutions based on the result of a Brand Identity Consultation.

03 / QUOTE.

Based on the required services and solutions, Studio Friday will create a detailed quote for your approval and revision. Payment methods and workflow depend on the specific project.

03 / BRIEF.

We created a customised list of questions in order to gather useful information for your project development and conceptualisation. This is what we call “your homework”.


Background research and competitive profiling. Deep investigation and further analysis of the brief, target audience profiling, market and overall brand assets.


Based on the brief, Studio Friday will deliver a presentation including: Benchmark (competitors and situation), Moodboard (visual references) and Concept: the creative definition of your project.

07 / DESIGN.

Our strength. Dedicated and focused design work based on your specific needs, guided by the references and concept previously approved. Presentation of the design proposal and feedback process from start to production and delivery.


Once the design is approved, we offer production consulting, supervision and delivery of the final product. Print media, web development or any kind of production, we got you covered. Delivery of perfected files for brand use, production and application.


Studio Friday offers a full range of consultancy and graphic design services, from brand development to specific design work for all businesses: identity, branding, logo design, editorial, web design, packaging and visual communication.